Programs for Realistic Types (Πρακτικός)
Animal Care (Certificate) RC
Apprenticeship Training Programs (Certificate) RC
Architectural Technician/Technology (Diploma or Adv Diploma) RI
Bachelor or Film and Television (Degree) RA
Electrical Engineering Technician (Diploma) RI
Electrical Techniques (Certificate) RI
Electromechanical Engineering Technician/Technology (Diploma or Adv Diploma) RI
Electronics Engineering Technician/Technology (Diploma or Adv Diploma) RI
Environmental Control (Graduate Certificate) RI
Environmental Technician (Diploma) RI
Mechanical Engineering Technician/Technology (Diploma or Adv Diploma) RI
Mechanical Engineering Technician/Technology – Design & Drafting (Diploma of Adv Diploma) RC
Mechanical Technician – Toolmaking (Diploma) RI
Mechanical Techniques – Plumbing (Certificate) RI
Mechanical Techniques – Tool & Die Maker (Certificate) RI
Media Fundamentals (Certificate) RA
Technical Production for Theatre and Live Events (Adv Diploma) RA
Technology Fundamentals (Certificate) RI
Veterinary Technician (Diploma) RI
Welding Techniques (Certificate) RC

Programs for Investigative Types (Ερευνητικός )
Bachelor of Applied Computer Science – Mobile Computing (Degree) IE
Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences – Information Systems Security (Degree) IC
Bachelor of Game Design (Degree) IA
Bachelor of Interaction Design (Degree) IA
Bachelor or Computing and Networking Communications (Honours) Internet Communications Tech IC
Chemical Engineering Technology (Adv Diploma) IR
Chemical Engineering Technology – Environmental (Adv Diploma) IR
Chemical Laboratory Technician (Diploma) IR
Computer Engineering Technician/Technology (Diploma or Adv Diploma) IR
Computer Programmer (Diploma) IC
Computer Systems Technician – Software Engineering (Diploma) IC
Computer Systems Technology – Software Development and Network Engineering (Adv Diploma) IC
Computer Systems Technology – Systems Analyst (Adv Diploma) IE
Game Development – Advanced Programming (Graduate Certificate) IC
Game Level Design (Graduate Certificate) IA
Information Technologies Support Services (Diploma) IS
Interactive Media Management (Graduate Certificate) IA
Internet Communications Technology (Adv Diploma) IR

Programs for Artistic Types (Καλλιτεχνικός)
Advanced Special Effects Makeup, Prosthetics & Props (Graduate Certificate) AR
Advanced Television and Film (Graduate Certificate) AR
Art & Art History (Degree + Adv Diploma) AR
Art Fundamentals (Certificate) AR
Bachelor of Animation (Degree) AI
Bachelor of Design (Honours Degree) AR
Bachelor of Illustration (Degree) AR
Bachelor of Interior Design (Degree) AE
Bachelor of Music Theatre Performance (Degree) AC
Bachelor of Photography (Degree) AR
Bachelor or Craft and Design (Degree) AR
Communication, Culture and Information Technology (Degree + Certificate) AE
Computer Animation (Graduate Certificate) AI
Computer Animation – Digital Character Animation (Graduate Certificate) AI
Journalism (Diploma) AE
Journalism – New Media (Graduate Certificate) AE
Makeup for Media and Creative Arts (Diploma) AR
Music Applied to Stage, Screen and Interactive Visual Environments (Graduate Certificate) AR
Performing Arts – Preparation (Certificate) AC
Theatre and Drama Studies (Degree + Diploma) AC
Visual Effects (Graduate Certificate) AI
Visual Merchandising Arts (Diploma) AR
Visual and Creative Arts (Diploma or Adv Diploma) AR
Web Design (Graduate Certificate) AI

Programs for Social Types (Κοινωνικός)
Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences – Athletic Therapy (Degree) SI
Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership (Degree) SC
Bachelor of Health Sciences – Kinesiology and Health Promotion (Degree) SI
Child and Youth Care (Adv Diploma) SC
Community Worker – Outreach and Development (Diploma) SC
Early Childhood Education (Diploma) SC
Educational Support (Diploma) SC
Fundamentals of Fitness Leadership (Certificate) SR
Interior Decorating (Diploma) SA
Personal Support Worker (Certificate) SR
Police Foundations (Diploma) SR
Practical Nursing (Diploma) SR
Social Service Worker (Diploma) SC
Social Service Worker – Gerontology (Diploma) SC

Programs for Enterprising Types (Επιχειρηματικός)
Advertising & Marketing Communications – Management (Diploma or Adv Diploma) EA
Advertising – Account Management (Graduate Certificate) EA
Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting (Degree) EC
Bachelor of Business Administration – Finance (Degree) EC
Bachelor of Business Administration – Human Resources Management (Degree) ES
Bachelor of Business Administration – Marketing Management (Degree) EI
Bachelor of Business Administration – Supply Chain Management (Degree) EC
Business – General (Diploma) EC
Business Administration – Accounting (Diploma or Adv Diploma) EC
Business Administration – Finance (Diploma or Adv Diploma) EC
Business Administration – Human Resources (Diploma or Adv Diploma) ES
Business Administration – Marketing (Diploma or Adv Diploma) EI
Emergency Management (Graduate Certificate) EC
Human Resources Management (Graduate Certificate) ES
International Business Management (Graduate Certificate) EC
Manufacturing Management (Graduate Certificate) EC
Marketing Management (Graduate Certificate) EI
Public Relations – Corporate Communications (Graduate Certificate) ES

Programs for Conventional Types (Συμβατικός)
Business Process Management (Graduate Certificate) CE
Community & Justice Services (Diploma) CE
Investigation – Public and Private (Diploma) CE
Office Administration – Executive (Diploma) CE
Office Administration – Legal (Diploma) CI
Office Administration – Medical (Diploma) CS
Paralegal (Diploma) CE
Pharmacy Technician (Diploma) CR
Project Management (Graduate Certificate) CE
Quality Assurance – Manufacturing and Management (Graduate Certificate) CI
Retail Pharmacy Assistant (Certificate) CR
Tourism – Global Travel (Diploma) CE
Tourism and Travel (Diploma) CE

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